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Hybrid or Native Apps?

Technological decisions should be made based on business goals and thorough analysis. Depending on the task there could be various approaches to mobile app architecture, each with its own pros and cons. In this piece I take a closer look at hybrid vs native apps and think over possible scenarios one could be more useful than another.

How to manage project challenges with benefit to all parties?

Appetite comes when eating, and one has only to show a customer at least a piece of the future project result, as he begins to generate ideas for development and improvement. Therefore, each project manager is faced with the phenomenon of changes in the project.

Should you invest in a mobile app?

Mobile is the new black, but does that mean you should release an app for your brand for the sole purpose of following fashion trends? Absolutely no. Mobile channel is an extension of your other marketing activities.It has it's own goals, metrics and role in business model. Let's take a closer look.

App Store publishing and promotion

How easy is it for the user to discover your app in the store? How obvious is his choice, when he's looking at several seemingly similar apps? What effects his decision? We make apps, but we also want as many people as possible to use them.

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