Mobile App Development

Our mobile apps are trusted by companies all around the world: from leading financial groups to high-demand consumer brands.

We develop only native Android and iOS apps that bring value to existing businesses. Read more about why it’s important to develop natively.

Selected clients


Two facts:

  1. Loans taken via mobile apps demonstrate better performance;
  2. Mobile customers have higher credit scores.

Why? Mobile apps open up a new sales and marketing channel with unique opportunities:

  • Access to a richer and more tech-savvy audience
  • Faster client acquisition thanks to lead capture made possible during the first app launch and onboarding, faster registration and data capture of new users
  • Improved customer loyalty thanks to special deals viewable only in mobile app
  • New loan opportunities with partner deals based on user’s location
  • Retargeting for current customers
  • Direct communication channel with customers
  • Reminders to pay the loan that improve the credit discipline

Recent apps


The Kreditmart makes the application process easy and seamless for the agent.

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Mobile apps for the first fully online lending company in Russia.

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Innovate Your Microfinance Business.

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Phases of our mobile app development process

Strategic Business Analysis

Development of business-oriented mobile apps starts with a clear understanding of problems that the target audience experiences. What problems should be solved with a mobile app? What platform should be addressed first? We research the target audience preferences and their demands that can be only fulfilled completely with a mobile app. The strategy defines the role that the app would play in the rest of the business and describes how it will impact both the business and the customer.


Proper UI and UX are not just pretty designs – they serve as engagement mechanics to keep users returning to the app. We define the interface logic and structure based on the usability principles and platform guidelines.

App Development and Testing

As a rule, we use the 100% native approach: no web-based apps or 3rd party compilers. There may be advantages of using them but in the long run, native apps save our customers time, money and nerves.

Since a mobile app will be an addition to the existing business, we develop it in blocks, as iterations. If any aspect of the business changes, we can stop an iteration or modify corresponding blocks while keeping the app and business working normally.

We can handle the client side (apps per se), server side and mobile API development.