Whether your consumer loan portfolio includes just PDL and microloans, or appliance loans as well as mortgages, we can bring the best of outsourcing practices to increase your revenues and enhance your financial strength.

Loan Providers services

Complete infrastructure development

We’re capable of taking up all of your software development needs and develop entire services that work 24/7. We make sure you won’t even notice it’s done remotely. Some of the things you’ll notice though:

  • Team shares the understanding of the problem and your business goals;
  • Projects with strict deadlines, released in time and on budget;
  • Task decomposed to 8-16 hour blocks for better transparency;
  • Direct communication with technical team-leads, if necessary
  • Not more than 25% of efforts spent (and billed) on project management and QA;
  • Manageable teams of 2-7 engineers that specialize in particular fields depending on the task;
  • SLA that covers our responsibilities and what-ifs;
  • Only senior-level developers.

Your infrastructure may include various elements,each tailored for your business process:


Credit conveyor including full user journey, notifications, and client retention mechanics.


Scoring system development or integration with existing one.


Multiple brands managed under one platform.


CRM systems developmet and integration.


Integration with payment methods of your choise.


Cliend side applicatins available on any device.


Call center automation with features like predictive dialer and IVR.


Microservice architecture approach for better scaling and easier integration with new services in the future.

We can provide development for mobile channels as a part of a full scale project, or as a standalone service. Our experience allows us to integrate mobile apps into bigger complex systems, and make them totally self-sufficient, depending on the task.