Zaplo — a new kind
of microfinance product

introduced to Poland market


Android / Iovation / Software Architecture / UX/UI Design

About the project
Making of

Zaplo is a new type of microfinance product “installment loan”. We've already developed mobile apps for “payday loan” and “line of credit” products, yet never worked with a “digital credit card” type. Each time is like stepping into unknown waters, because regulations and other nuances can lead to major changes in how the final mobile product should behave.


Local regulations were unclear. There are regulations concerning web-site, but it was hard to figure out if the same applies to the app. As if it was not enough new regulations could be issued any moment, we had to develop flexible structure in order to instantly apply changes to comply.


  • New type of product
  • Simple two step registration process
  • Necessary legal documents generated live in-app

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