an app for one of the top-10 payday loan brands in Europe


iOS / Android

About the project
Making of service provides consumer loans in Spain. In 2016 a major front-end update was in plans, and the hybrid-architecture mobile application became a significant obstacle. Entangled with an old web-version architecture, it would malfunction the minute anything changed. New users wouldn't notice, yet those, who already had the app installed, could give massive negative feedback.


  • provide a smooth transition from hybrid to native apps, unnoticeable for the users;
  • synchronize with local team web-site relaunch;
  • leave intact all the previous analytics tools, including data, and add new ones.

Basic functionality

  • Manage loan;
  • Configure his profile;
  • Calculate loan terms;
  • Check the expiration date and receive notifications;
  • Contact customer support;
  • Change the loan amount;
  • Change the return term;


  • Touch ID;
  • Integration with calendar notifications;
  • Firebase analytics;
  • Loan history in profile;
  • Tutorial;
  • Connect Facebook account;
  • “Rate us” additional dialogue.

Project team

Alex Chernyshev

Head of Development

Vova Shraibman

Project Management

Leonid Strukov

Android design and architecture

Roman Mochalov

iOS developer

Misha Domrachev

iOS developer

Diana Raspopova

Android development

Oleg Leskin

Android development

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