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iOS / Android / ReactiveCocoa / UX/UI design

About the project
Making of

The story behind the app

The initial requirement was to make an app with just the indispensable functions, such as:

  • Get a loan
  • Extend the loan term
  • Connect a payment method

However, the product has a business plan for further development. This means the app’s architecture should allow new features to be added quickly and easily, whether it is a new info-screen or a new type of product.

Developing such architecture required creating some tools first. Using the latest version of Swift, ReactiveCocoa and our own ReSkin tool, we managed to make the app continuously changeable in a matter of minutes.

Show me the money

Our approach is exemplified by the way it deals with the payment methods problem. Payment methods can make a tremendous difference in one country, not to mention across borders. Banks, payment systems such as Qiwi, popular startups that allow money transfers, even Bitcoin—which of them you will need to integrate with your app will depend on the loan provider and its target audience. Adding a new payment method is a real pain for developers. In most cases, you have to manually update the data on the server side and in app code, and make sure everything works (people hate losing their money due to transfer malfunction). The architecture of Vivus and similar apps allows us to add and test new features like these in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

Project phasing

The story behind the app

Show me the money