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iOS / Android / ReactiveCocoa / UX/UI design

About the project
Making of

A standalone product designed to be a testpad for new services, offers, user engagement, and retention mechanics requires a special approach. The app allows a new user to register, apply, pass scoring, chose a convenient way to receive money, and get the loan in 5 minutes. Vivus clients with already existing accounts and credit history can get a new loan in one tap (okay, probably three, but that’s still very fast).


Developing one more payday loan app, if you’ve already made several, shouldn’t be hard, right? Take the best features, learn from your mistakes, and everything should be fine. But not quite. Each app is a totally new product with its own identity, audience, brand, and promotional and growth strategies. We start from scratch every time, so a fifth app requires as much attention as the first one, even if it has what seems like the same functions. This time, our aim was to make an easily scalable product starting with the bare minimum.


  • Get a loan / Extend the loan term;
  • Payment system API integration;
  • Full repayment in the app;
  • Loan monitor (current debt, payments calendar, notifications);
  • Scalable architecture.


Over 1,000 organic installs in the first two weeks after the launch (without an ad campaign or any other promotion).

Project team

Alex Chernyshev

Head of Development

Daria Akhmerova

Project Management

Leonid Strukov

Head of Design

Michael Domrachev

iOS developer

Oleg Dolgih

Android development

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