Payday loan app for the Republic of Georgia


iOS / Android / App architecture / Back-end integration / ReactiveCocoa / UX/UI design

About the project
Making of

The Georgian financial services market is one of the fastest growing in Europe. No surprise it was of strategic importance for 4finance to have its share there. Retaining loyal customers is a much smarter choice than constantly spending marketing budget on attracting new ones. Mobile applications had shown great potential in increasing loyalty towards the brand and client’s lifetime value (LTV) as a result.


Each country is unique, its people and the way they interact with mobile devices, law regulations — there's always a catch that poisons your life as an app developer. Lithuania has Asmens Kodas that helped a lot. Citizens of the Republic of Georgia have personal IDs that seem to have a similar purpose, but it worked not the way we’ve expected due to infrastructure problems. Finally, back-ends of payday loan services, banks and government structures are tremendously different in complexity, quality and stability.


  • Integration with local payment systems and bank APIs;
  • Up-to-date information on current loans, new products and special offers;
  • Localization to native language.


The app has almost 10 000 installs and a high conversion rate (from an install to an active user). Statistically, customers acquired through the mobile channel have a higher average return rate and thus are more attractive for the business. Also, they are more interested in other products.

Project team

Alex Chernyshev

Head of Development

Leonid Strukov

Android design and architecture

Roman Mochalov

iOS developer

Lisa Konysheva

iOS developer

Andrey Chevozerov

iOS developer

Diana Raspopova

Android developer

Oleg Leskin

Android developer

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