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Take turns and play nice

A line is the simplest way to organize a crowd, it's much better to wait in line, than among an uncontrollable pandemonium, yet it's not the most convenient and requires a tremendous amount of patience from participants. Long time spent waiting will definitely spoil the impression on whole event.

So instead of cumbersome paper lists we've digitized the process. Full list of participants with quick search was available on any device for all the volunteers at the check in.

What's in a name

The app allows to:

  • find a participant using his e-mail/name;
  • add new entries;
  • change status (registered/checked in);
  • save all data in a separate file for analisys.

To avoid confusion (husband and wife, friends used one e-mail to register e.t.c.) we chose three main identifiers for people in the list: name, second name, e-mail — there's almost zero possibility all three will be identical for any two random participants.

What else is there

Now, when anyone with the password and a mobile device has access to the check in tool, we can split one line into several with TEDx volunteers help. That allowed to make the process even faster.

The day before the event participants received an e-mail with instructions on check in, so they new exactly what to do and didn't get lost in the process.

All the data (how many people registered, checked in (meaning actually attended), time of arrival and other valuable stats) was stored in one base and were available for the organisation committee to use in order to improve the next event.

Project phasing

Take turns and play nice

What's in a name

What else is there