First microloan app in Russia


iOS, Android, App architecture, Back-end integration, ReactiveCocoa, UX/UI design

About the project
Making of

In our earlier case studies, we presented some ideas and strategies for developing the First E-loan Mobile App in Russia. Today we want to add a new highlight to this collection and show you how we redesigned this project after four years of intensive work.

Many things have changed after these four years:

  • The client's business processes, technologies.
  • UX-practices. Like any UX design, we have to find out who the users are and what they are trying to achieve.
  • We have a lot of data on what didn’t work in the app’s original design; this gave us some ideas about what we need to focus on and improve.

That is why we consider the challenge of redesigning the mobile app as an opportunity to practice a data-driven approach. We have to be able to scour through the data and figure out what is wrong in the user flow and how to fix it.

Project goals and objectives

SMSFINANCE is a Russian top-5 online microloan provider. The SMSFINANCE app (both iOS and Android versions) makes it possible to obtain a microloan remotely (almost instantly) and provides a wide range of features for managing it. The Improve Digital team designed, developed, and support the mobile application.

We faced several challenges when starting the redesign:

  • The UX / UI design is outdated. This leads to lower customer engagement and users start to look for more advanced alternatives.
  • Users become frustrated. We have always worked on understanding how people use the app and on identifying points where users abandon the app. Analytical data shows us that users download the app but don’t register, or they give up after several uses. We have to boost the conversion rate at the registration stage. The challenge is anticipating what users want to do next.
  • The app requires a powerful analytical tool to create and track new business KPIs. The marketing team will work with this and propose future improvements.

We should remind ourselves that the app redesign is required not only to change the feel and appearance of the UI, it has a lot to do with the app’s user experience and how it failed to convince users. We knew exactly why the app needed to be redesigned. We decided to drum up a high-power design team to develop the UX. The Redmadrobot team, as a 'new user', brought in a fresh perspective and energy. Not only was it important for the work to be done, but also to spur on our efforts on the project.


  • instantly calculate the best loan for you based on the amount, period and interest rate, even before you register or sign in;
  • work out the best deal possible based on the loan term, amount, and interest rate;
  • the money transfer usually takes about 12 minutes—you don’t have to come to our office or call us;
  • flexible money transfer options, including bank transfer and e-wallets;
  • live status updates on the current loan and loan history;

Project team

Alice Korneva

Project Manager

Vyacheslav Baev

Project Manager

Alexey Ershov

Android Developer

Maxim Shanin

Android Developer

Andrey Bronnikov

iOS Developer

Alexey Pozdnyakov

iOS Developer

Leonid Strukov


Ivan Kardashov

Account Manager

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