Improving Microfinance

First e-loan mobile app in Russia


business strategy / analytics / product design / prototyping / UX/UI design /
Android / iOS / backend / tech sutpport / app promotion / Java/JEE / API integration

About the project
Making of

In Russia’s burgeoning market of e-microloans, SMSFinance has already been established as a leader. To secure its leadership as a short-term e-loan provider serving all regions of Russia, SMSFinance has launched mobile access to its products, tailoring the native app to be a precise fit for the client’s business model. SMSFinance strives to provide a complete and rewarding experience to its customers.


The e-microloan leader was troubled by inconsistent user experience on the mobile website, which generated low conversions and damaged its reputation. We suggested a native mobile app as a modern, reliable, and customer-friendly solution. However, a separate app raises another problem: first-time customers have to provide large amounts of personal data and confirm their identity, usually by answering a call from a bank or visiting the nearest bank/partner office, which defeats the very concept of a mobile experience.

We took it upon ourselves to eliminate such complications and turn the app into an efficient tool for receiving a microloan remotely and almost instantly.


  • instantly calculate the best loan for you based on the amount, period, and interest rate before registration or log in;
  • estimate the best deal possible based on the loan term, amount, and interest rate;
  • the money transfer takes about 12 minutes on average—no office visits or phone calls required;
  • flexible money transfer options include bank transfer and e-wallets;
  • live status updates on the current loan and loan history;
  • built-in loyalty program.


Doubled mobile conversion.

Customer feedback shows that the SMSFinance app is the most convenient and user-friendly service among the competition.

Project team

Alex Chernyshev

Head of Development

Leonid Strukov

Android design and architecture

Roman Mochalov

iOS developer

Misha Domrachev

iOS developer

Diana Raspopova

Android developer

Oleg Dolgih

Android developer

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