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SMSCredit iPhone App for Lithuania


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About the project
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4finance is one of the largest consumer lending providers in the world with operations in more than eleven countries. Each of these countries has its own regulations and procedures concerning loans, overall banking and personal data protection rules, and yet the company’s high standards always remain the same. Micro-lending must be responsible, simple to understand, easy to access and convenient to use. In Lithuania, SMSFinance works under the brand


We’ve already made an app with similar functionality, but we knew in another country, it could be a totally different scenario; so we started from scratch. All architecture and UX were reworked. Our team visited the 4finance office in Lithuania several times in order to meet with product manager and product owner. As far as banking goes, Lithuania proved extremely friendly and flexible. Thus, the main challenge here was to use all the tools available to their fullest capacity.


  • Quick authentication using Asmens Kodas;
  • Integration with local payment systems and bank APIs;
  • Up-to-date information on current loans, new products and special offers.


SMSCredit got the most advanced app on the market. The tool utilizes the Asmens Kodas and all external (bank and governmental databases) APIs to the fullest.

As a result, the company received the highest amount of installs as compared with their competitors and the highest retention rate (almost 80% of users turned into loyal and active customers).

Project team

Alex Chernyshev

Head of Development

Leonid Strukov

Android design and architecture

Roman Mochalov

iOS developer

Lisa Konysheva

iOS developer

Diana Raspopova

Android development

Oleg Leskin

Android development

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