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About the project
Making of

MFObox is a mobile application specifically tailored for microfinance institutions. We put our technological innovation to serve the Microfinance sector by creating secure, easy to use and adaptable solution. Innovate your microfinance business with MFObox: increase repayment tendency, tap new customers and engage existing ones.


All Our Experience in One App

We have been working with microfinance institutions for more than 4 years, and we have seen a ton of mobile apps during this time. What does it mean? We have collected a huge amount of cases (app’s workflows, scenarios, UI realisation) and we craved to invent a new solution that fits to regular microfinance model.

Our talent mobile team leaders Diana (Android) and Roman (iOS) had a request: come up with an universal, easy and powerful, cheap and fast app. They spent several weeks working on the app architecture, design and functionality before actually writing any code.

We know that the cost of native mobile app development is too damn high! In addition to the long compilation times, any change, or a new feature needs to be implemented and tested in two completely different environments (iOS and Android). Don’t forget the money that goes into growing a product.

We have deliberately discarded hybrid app as an option: in a microfinance institution, this interaction is at a very personal level — we launched the eye-catching iOS and Android native apps to satisfy the demands of the customer for better mobile experience.

Thus the MFObox was born — a ready-made native mobile application that needs only branding and API integration before the launch.

Scalable Modular Architecture

MFObox comes with a wide range of functionality and customisation options. It can be integrated into existing infrastructure and it has got necessary scalability to support future growth.

Apps modules adding and removing enables fast and efficient work-flow as per the business goals and objectives. We used Swift 4 to create a world-class app with a good user experience design.


Key Features

End-user Features. This part describes features that are targeted at end users and affect their overall app experience.
  • One-step signup with minimal input fields to welcome your customers onboard right away.
  • Instantly calculate the best loan for you, based on the amount, period, and interest rate.
  • The possibility to choose a loan on credit card or get cash at the office.
  • You can easily find the nearest ATMs and branches and get the directions.
  • “My Loan” — detailed information about your loan. Live status updates on the current loan. Additional screen loan details.
  • Sending SMS with confirmation.
Business features
  • Smooth integration. A simple protocol based on server-client interactions, equipped with APIs documentation allows to adapt the existing server or invite our server-team to build the server from scratch. An added benefit is that this enables us to fix problems immediately as they show up, rather than after the release.
  • Demonstration mode. The main purpose of the demo mode is to demonstrate the features that the app has without internet connection.
  • Operational analytics, based on Crashlytics, show us how well the app works: number of crash-free sessions, API reaction speed, and load time.
  • Behavioural analytics shows how the customer uses the app: customer journey, visited screens, key actions
  • Business analytics, based on Firebase console, helps to measure effectiveness: LTV, ARPU, CPA and other abbreviations that make you look smart.
  • Push-notifications

Project team

Slava Baev

Project Management

Alexey Ershov

Android development

Andrey Bronnikov

iOS development

Olga Prigorkina


Max Mityugov


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