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Digitalising The Process

How do you translate a process that takes part in real world into digital? How to consider every part of it and reshape to fit the app without losing essentials? It must be boiled down to simple steps and checklists, but basically there are just two phases:

  1. Understand how the process works, what the objects are, how they are manipulated and what must be the result on each step of the process.
  2. Find the appropriate way to achieve the same result with the digital tools.

The important part in step 2 is that you do not recreate the whole process in digital, but rather find new solutions for the means required. If any part, or detail required in real world can be omitted in digital, without any damage to final result, please, do so without hesitation.

Luckily for us the mortgage application is a simple enough horizontal process. The real problem was only the time required to fill in all the forms, copy the passport and other legal documents and make it before the bank closes.


The app comes in quite handy for these tasks:

  • all forms can be filled by the applicant;
  • document can be stored as hi-res photos;
  • the data is available instantly in any required format;
  • digital data is simpler and faster to verify via third party scoring systems;
  • if you forgot smth the form will instantly notify you about that , while you have the customers and papers available.


Since we're working with several types of personal data here, all necessary precautions must be made. The data stored locally is encrypted and the app is password protected. Each agent has his personal login/password pair, the session timed out if idle.

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Digitalising The Process