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A real estate agent did a great job today: his clients love the place they are at. They want to fill all the papers for the mortgage asap! That's where their dreams come true and the nightmare for the agent begins. She has to gather personal data, make legal copies of important documents, rework this into application form and contact the bank before the working hours end. Taking into account the fact that she has a lot of clients today too.


Most of agents had to work after hours to catch up, satisfy their clients and get all deals closed. This eventually has some negative outcome in efficiency, motivation and physical health.

Mobile solution

The Kreditmart makes the application process easy and seamless for the agent. Making it faster, less stressful and error free, which leads to higher customer satisfaction too.


The app allows to fill the form and attach scans of required legal documents in minutes. After that the "ready to go" application can be processed later at the office, loaded into CRM, or send to a colleague at the office. While our agent continues on doing the same with another customer.

More gets done faster with less resources spent, that's what digital is about.


  • Fill in all the required data in one place;
  • Attached document scans;
  • Save as a draft, load into CRM, or send as email;
  • Password protected login, all sensitive data is encrypted.

Project team

Slava Baev

Project Manager

Diana Raspopova

Lead Android Developer

Vladimir Prigarin

iOS Developer

Stepan Chepurin

iOS Developer

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