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SimonsVoss are pioneers in digital approach to classical mechanical locks and access control systems.The company is constantly driving innovation to make its products more secure and convenient.

Among its most promissing products are smart locks and access control systems. You can install them in the office, warhouse, or household; for personal use, or if you're renting the flat. SimonsVoss developed back-end software to turn its hardware into a next level digital product. The system allows to access each lock individually, connect them into a net, track status and history, update software. It also provides an API to connect with digital devices like Hive, or Amazon Alexa). This API is also used to create more options for the end users. A front-end interface for the smart lock owners is called MobileKey. It allows to share access, check the locks states, and issue digital keys. The Key4Friends allows anyone with such key to activate and use it.

With new emerging needs, changes on both client and server sides of the system had been required. Our responsibility was to implement several improvements in the existing functionality, before developing a mobile app itself.

The idea behind Key4Friends mobile app is simple: your friend comes to spend a vacation in your town and plans to stay in your house. Usually you would lend him a spare key, but what if you are going to be away for some reason, or your smart lock has no spare key? That is when Key4Friends comes in — you can grant access to your home to anyone you like, at any time, from anywhere using the app and SimonsVoss smart lock. You can even set an "expiration date" for the particular key, or limit a number of uses. Considering the latest trends of sharing economy (take popular service AirBnb for example) Key4Friends arrives at the right time and we are proud to take part in it.


Think about a usual key, you probably got a couple in your pocket. The idea of caring everywhere a piece of metal with particular shape that fits only one particular lock seems obsolete in 2016, yet, reinventing a key in digital form does not look like an easy task.


  • Compatible to both platforms and almost any device;
  • Intuitive interface, easy to use even with your hands busy;
  • Multilingual;
  • Secure.


Key4Friends app developed exclusively for and compatible with SimonsVoss products only.

Project team

Slava Baev

Project Management

Diana Raspopova

Android developer

Stephan Chepurin

iOS developer

Christine Baril’nik


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