Happy Mama

a mobile app for one of the largest
communities in russian web


iOS / Android / API Integration/ UI/UX Design

About the project
Making of


The challenge was not only to keep all the features familiar to its loyal users, but to naturally introduce new ones and what's more, to create a new stand-alone design that would be accepted by both loyal and new users. While developing the app we knew each of our decisions will be judged by one of the most sensitive audiences — young mothers, and everybody wants to make a mother happy.


  • Pregnancy planner with day to day instructions for each period from conception to daily care for the newborn;
  • Additional info, advice and community support;
  • Live feed;
  • All usual features you could expect from social network.


A full-scale social network, live feed and groups, but what’s most important useful information, advice and community support for young mothers are always available on their mobile devices.

Project team

Alex Chernyshev

Head of Development

Leonid Strukov

Android design and architecture

Roman Mochalov

iOS developer

Lisa Konysheva

iOS developer

Diana Raspopova

Android development

Oleg Leskin

Android development

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