Android app for debt collectors

Supports old devices and works offline


API integration / Android / Data security

About the project
Making of

When a live web-based product needs a mobile version, we are ready to figure out the twists of the current system and integrate a mobile app naturally, the way that it seems it's always been there. It was exactly the case with the FIS app.


Developing a mobile solution for an actively used paid product is always tricky. You can’t rewrite the API, you have no access to backend at all, the service is up and running and you’ve got to work on top of it. As if this alone was not enough, the specifics of the task demanded a full-scale offline mode. That, in turn, created yet another problem: find a secure and legal way to store user’s personal data. Needless to say, that we’ve found a solution for all the challenges.


  • bank officers may monitor their collectors, assign them tasks and control their progress;
  • each task may contain comments and requirements (e.g. call a client, conduct a personal visit or just send an email);
  • the app works as expected even without internet connection and on super old devices with a small screen;
  • full integration with the CRM and web service, information updates quickly without losses.


Collection center's effectiveness was increased by 30%. The expenses were lowered significantly thanks to route and task optimization.

Project team

Daria Akhmerova

Project manager

Diana Raspopova

Lead Android Developer

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