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iOS, Android, UX/UI design

About the project
Making of

Technical Excellence

  • Creating iOS app using Objective-C programming, AVFoundation framework, HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), DRM, WebSocket
  • Finalized version of SDK video player for iOS and Android, designed to manage few urls to play video on demand or HLS stream. We added quality control and Digital Rights Management flows.
  • Creating responsive mobile app for Android using Android SDK, Java
  • Firebase App Indexing: App Indexing surfaces links to app content on Google Search.
  • Google ExoPlayer: working with video (HLS, DRM)
  • Content providers, CursorAdapter, CursorLoader: caching into the database, manage access to data
  • Delegate Adapter pattern: lists management
  • FFmpeg: a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.
  • Ongoing testing of applications to ensure platform-specific guidelines.

Changing the Face of Television

App-like user experience is transforming the TV. Video streaming apps are the future, which happens nowadays. According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index traffic of the mobile video streaming apps will continue to grow by more than 50% per year until 2021. In addition, a quantity of mobile devices and number of people using them is growing every day.

That’s why the ability to stream video directly to mobile device cannot be underestimated. The expansion of the channel audience through mobile applications is the right step for adaptation in a new digital environment.

Besides there are many times when a user wants to see a live stream or some sort of a show but real life issues come in the way. that is why a local storage feature is so important. It allows user to download video content to their devices and watch it later. We’ve made a user centric design with intuitive UI enabling quick access and easy browsing so that applications run flawlessly and, as required, can be easily maintained and scaled.

Project phasing

Technical Excellence

Changing the Face of Television