Channel One Russia

More than 250 million viewers worldwide


iOS, Android, UX/UI design

About the project
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Improve Digital team has refined several mobile applications for Channel One on two different platforms to help them reach out to millions of digital natives and smartphone users.

The Client

Channel One is the recognized leader in the Russian television broadcasting and the most popular and best loved Russian-language channel in the world with a potential audience of more than 250 million in 190 countries (according to

Today, CHANNEL ONE RUSSIA WORLDWIDE produces and distributes adapted versions of Channel One and themed channels to viewers in CIS, Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East.

The Goal

With TV viewers becoming more and more connected, our client wanted to build engaging and intuitive mobile applications to tap the smartphone user base and to extend the application’s reach. The foremost goal of the project was to develop a modern and user-friendly tool to increase viewership of the main Russian channel.


As the application was going to be used by a wide audience, one of the biggest challenges was to make the app perform without any downtime.


  • Eliminating Complex Management and Offering Simplistic UI;
  • Custom SDK video player integration into all applications.

Channel One Mobile App

Key Features

  • HD Live Streaming
  • TV Guide to surf programs and videos
  • News
  • TV Shows (series, announcement)
  • User friendly design with engaging and intuitive navigation for easy browsing.
  • iOS and Android apps both featured for downloading TV programs to device’s internal storage.
  • Push notifications when a new show will be aired (5, 15 or 30 minutes before it started). Set up alerts so you’ll never miss another live airing.
  • Special tab for current events (Olympic Games, 2018 IIHF World Championship, 2018 FIFA World Cup).
  • pervyi-screens-eng

    The Voice Kids Mobile App

    Based on the Voice mobile app, we have finalized The Voice Kids – Android and iOS apps for Russian TV singing contest. A highly loaded application that has peak load during the broadcast. The app is only available in Russian.

    Key Features

    • Watсh new episodes, best moments, interviews and videos of your favorite artists' performances after the show was aired.
    • Build and manage your fantasy singing team and see how they perform on the leaderboards.
    • Earn points as your artists progress in the competition.
    • Sing and win. Record your version of the song that was sounded on the air and send the record directly to the editor. At the end of the season, the winner will receive an invitation to the casting.
    • Invite friends, vote and share favorite songs, earn points as your artists progress in the competition and win The Super Prize.

    All apps are successfully launched on both Apple and Android platforms.

Project team

Alisa Korneva

Project Manager

Polina Ryadinskaya

Project Manager

Nikita Borodkin

iOS Developer

Alexey Pozdnyakov

iOS Developer

Diana Raspopova

Android Developer

Maxim Shanin

Android Developer

Leonid Strukov


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