A Keyless World Become a Reality


Objecive-C, VIPER, SOLID, Firebase, Keychain, TouchID

About the project
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SimonsVoss are pioneers in digital approach to classical mechanical locks and access control systems. The company is constantly driving innovation to make its products more secure and convenient.

The digital locking system is easy to install, it is economically effective in terms of acquisition, and costs nothing to administer — and it is available in the timelessly elegant SimonsVoss design that adapts to any environment. We used a wide experience in the mobile app development for transferring all system capabilities to smartphone.

First of all, we worked out an application for guest users — Key4Friends, that helps to get the guest access to the locks. Further, we moved to a more complicated application: MobileKey is a complex mobile app that designed for up to 20 doors and 100 users, able to program the system.

Opening Up The World of Keyless Locking

You buy a digital lock and sign in a system, and then you setup the application. Now, by smartphone you can use all system services. The app allows to share access, check the locks states, and issue digital keys with the link on the mobile app Key4Friends. "Guest" downloads the app with the "key" for a certain lock. Next, user can open that lock using the app.


The system MobileKey works by synchronizing programming data using your PC software, web-portal or mobile app, in this way when all settings will be completed you can control and manage users who have access and when there is no need to use your transponder (an electronic key), PinCode keypad or smartphone.

The frustration of having your keys lost or forgotten is now a thing of the past. If you lose a key, you simply block it in a matter of a few seconds.


Since the very beginning, The Client wanted us to add a small piece of functionality of their system in the mobile app. But finally, we added almost all functions of a system to the administrator control panel. We architected the app with VIPER and using SOLID principles; push notification service realized by Firebase, Keychain is used for storing passwords.

The main development had been in progress for three months, 2 iOS developers had worked on a project, QA-engineer and Project manager.

As a result, we implemented all system functionality into mobile application. Now, users can tailor their system to custom preferences and have the ability to control who has access, where and when, and have event logging at the fingertips.



  • Overview of door statuses;
  • Remote openings;
  • Sending of Key4Friends authorisations;
  • Reading and display of access list;
  • Reception of push messages from event management;
  • Use of touch ID for security-related actions.
  • This is how locking is done now: simply electronic and pretty darn smart!

Project team

Slava Baev

Project Manager

Stepan Chepurin

iOS Developer

Vladimir Prigarin

iOS Developer

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