Delivering the paperless solution for banking agents

Improving Mobile App Performance


iOS, Android, App architecture, Back-end integration, UX/UI design, Firebase, DaData

About the project
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7 Keys to Successful Cooperation

  • Examination where it is not enough. In general, banks have very strong backend-teams and enforce it by mobile examination, that can ensure the realization of mobile projects of any scale.
  • Clear understanding of the result that we want to achieve. Business analytics and QA-engineers help to make clear the purpose of the project and what exactly app client wants to.
  • The purpose of our “thoughtful development” approach is saving a little team of developers and enhancing it by recruiting experts with appropriate skills.
  • Flexibility. Project requirements can change and we are ready to that. On the one hand, timing of orders could be changed, on the other hand, some insignificant changes can lead to rethinking of the architectural decision. We can analyze future changes and actualize new functionality with minimal casualties.
  • Understanding business requirements. IT-processes and Business-processes don’t go hand in hand for all time. Directions of Business-processes can be changed dramatically, which will lead to the following changes in the IT development. We can redistribute team resources and help to save urgent business tasks.
  • Background of experience. A team can immediately learn the business-logic of hard system. All the paper processes are completely moved to web and our job is to transfer it to the mobile sphere and make UI/UX more user friendly. Due to the experience we have we can see the limits at once.
  • Conversation. We always communicate with people from back-end-team, business analyst and business. We are always connected, hear each other and work in a win-win way.
  • A System approach allows us to keep project on track and to get business goals.
  • Results and future plans

    An improving of the project continues, but a client has commissioned us to a next project. This is the tool for bank clerks, which is implemented on the tablet Android and can increase the operational efficiency by completely eliminating the bumf. The result is a fully-featured office on a tablet computer for professionals who have to travel due to job. We wrote specification for API, described request formats, answer types and parameters for each user story.

    We continue to fix goals and deadlines and are always flexible, we work on the priorities of the client who is involved in each project step: from everyday meetings to personal communications.

Project phasing

7 Keys to Successful Cooperation

Results and future plans