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Improving Mobile App Performance


iOS, Android, App architecture, Back-end integration, UX/UI design, Firebase, DaData

About the project
Making of

At a Glance

In 2017, we had started to work with a new client — Sovcombank which is one of the twenty largest banks in Russia. The bank actively works in the consumer credit market and expands partner network. Expansion of the partner network means the provision of new customers and the preservation of existing.

Collaboration started from the application “Mobile credit”. Using this app workers of store-partners can apply for a loan without printing documents using only the client’s signature. The case was complicated by the fact that our teams had to replace previous developer. Replacement of a developers team is always a risky point in the process of creation an app.

Our team quickly got into the project, analyzed the finished job and saw into application on both levels — logic and style. We didn’t destroy the existing vision of the application, but created an improved version of the app expanded by a new functionality.

Balancing Security and Convenience

Generally developers are finding it difficult to maintain the security while providing convenience to their device users. However the most important feature for the mobile app user is the opportunity not to be tied to the office — work quickly and easily from anywhere with the app, even during the peak influx of customers. That is why the application performance has become one of our main focuses.

Document recognition allows user to cut corners on manual input, increase the speed of operation with customers. The App could recognize the data and complete a survey for obtaining a loan. Data are saved just on the device without sending it to a cloud or an external server and two-factor authentication guarantees fail-safe entry to the app.


The application provides the ability to send a “quick application” with the possibility of completing the full application in the office. If there are interruptions with the network, then the application can be created and saved in drafts, having completed the design later.

Project team

Andrey Primachek

Project Manager

Andrey Bronnikov

iOS Developer

Vladimir Prigarin

iOS Developer

Alexey Ershov

Android Developer

Alexandr Sitnikov

Android Developer

Maxim Shanin

Android Developer

Maxim Mityugov


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