A new type of loan product in Finland


iOS / Android / Iovation / Software Architecture / UX/UI Design

About the project
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The local regulations can be so convoluted at times that, in an effort to comply, your app will seem more like an info kiosk than an actual tool. Yet, we have managed to make the app helpful to users while following all the local guidelines. Another milestone is that Fleksiluotto is a different type of product: a line of credit. It works somewhat differently than the customary single payment loan and feels more like a credit card.


The market and regulators in Finland are pretty old-fashioned. It’s difficult to change the existing mindset and the way things are done, so we had to adapt our approach step by step. Fleksiluotto (which means Flexible Loan) is a new type of product, offering a much larger amount and term than the usual payday loan (EUR 2100 for 3–24 months). This, however, raises concerns about security and legal regulations.


  • Flexible withdrawal (the user chooses an amount up to EUR 2100);
  • Monthly and overdue payments notifications;
  • Several payment methods with SMS/e-mail verification.


It’s always great to receive positive feedback from a client. Thank you, the Fleksiluotto team, we look forward to working with you on other mobile products!

Project team

Leonid Strukov

Head of Design

Roman Mochalov

iOS Developer

Diana Raspopova

Lead Android Developer

Egor Sedakov

Quality Assurance Engineer

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