It’s time to Improve

Todays world is all about connections, but not the way
the majority of people understands it.

We are a digital production agency with burning heart and locked focus in fintech, originated in Siberia.
Here’s our creed.

150 is an average number of meaningful connections a person can handle effectively, the quality of these connections falls drastically beyond that number.

We believe the same rule applies

Basically the more clients/projects you’ve got, the less is your capability of maintaining meaningful relationships with them and thus deliver the best you can.


Build long-term relationships that will only grow in value with time.

iPhone turned 11 this year,

Improve Group being around half of that time — young enough to keep the pace of change, yet experienced.

Long term relationships with our clients > 3 years.

Most of our project are made for the selected number of brands during the years we’ve been working together.

This also means:

  • we are anxious to work with a startup that aims to change the world — stay focused at your goal and we’ll cover the tech expertise including assembling, infrastructure support and maintenance of fully operational development team;

  • you hire us — you become part of the family, we’ll always be there to consult, offer our expertise, share an opinion, or a drink, if you need one.

  • our dream client is not someone with urge to make an app because it’s trending, but rather someone with a vision and a goal to create a self-sufficient digital ecosystem that will evolve alongside with his business.